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Ever dreamed of always having the opportunity to finally be able to take on Toyota’s TRD Pro model lineup on equal footing with your Nissan Frontier, Titan, or Armada? If that description fits you perfectly, a recently announced team up between Nissan and the folks at Rocky Ridge Trucks might help create the perfect off-roading Nissan of your rock crawling dreams.

The mashup between the two firms will see the development of all new custom appearance and lift kit packages for the Titan (and its XD badged counterpart,) Frontier, and Armada with each package bringing something truly unique and distinct to each model. Unlike other aftermarket applications, buyers that choose to add a dash of Rocky Ridge flair to their purchase will be able to purchase it through the Nissan dealer network, with this move allowing them to take full advantage of traditional financing plans to cover the full cost of the vehicle, as well as the subsequent customization process.

As for the packages themselves, all Rocky Ridge models start out with a lifted suspension system, which varies in height depending on the model it is equipped to. For the Armada and Frontier, the lift raises clearance by 2.5 inches, while the Titan goes all out in its lifted ways, and brings 6.0 inches of extra height to the truck. The rest of the upgrades are quite varied, and include items such as unique paint colors, interior components, off road tires, package exclusive wheels, as well as trick custom fade paint. The end result is a look that is very purposeful, but also very unique depending on how select equipment is chosen, as well as what the buyer is ultimately trying to achieve with their artistic vision. While Rocky Ridge might not have as much immediate curb appeal as more well known marques like AEV, it is refreshing to see an obscure entry nab the spotlight in the niche custom off-road truck segment.

Nissan claims that it also embarked on this venture based on feedback from some of its customers, with the company revealing that up to 39 percent of U.S. truck buyers either modify or accessorize their vehicle in some way. This figure is significant considering that “enthusiast” owners make up roughly 49 percent of all pickup owners, which is a very big slice of the broader pickup truck market. It could also be Nissan’s attempt at cashing in on some of the extra money that other automakers have made by offering factory upgraded trucks that blend a balanced mixture of luxury and off-road capability into a very attractive package.

Either way we like what we see, and it would be cool to see how a Rocky Ridge equipped Frontier fares against a Bison equipped Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 on a suitable piece of off-road infused wilderness.



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