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Royalty Core Releases RC4X Stainless Steel Grille – Legal On-Road Light Bar


Royalty Core Releases RC4X Stainless Steel Grille - Legal On-Road Light BarRoyalty Core has released a new layered and all stainless steel grille that includes a tightly integrated and curved 30-inch LED light bar from VisionX. The flexibility of the light bar’s backlight halo, which is legal for on-road use, and the extremely bright LEDs for off-road use makes this Royalty Core grille unique. The RC4X grille is custom built to cover all major truck and SUV brands, with some models dating back to 1992. The RC4X also includes the layered flexibility of the popular RC4 grille.  The curved light bar complements the curvature of the grille much better than a traditional straight bar. The LED bar and the ability to select various finishes on the grille layers boosts the level of seamless integration to your truck that Royalty Core performance truck grilles are known for.

“Since 2009, Royalty Core has been designing and building custom and corrosion-resistant grilles with a focus on style and personalization,” says Robb Kamp of Royalty Core. “While integrated LED lights have been a popular add-on for many of our customers, this is the first time we’re offering a grille with a curved and DRL-legal bar. This upgrade is a nice benefit for all truck owners.”

Royalty Core Releases RC4X Stainless Steel Grille - Legal On-Road Light BarlBased on the original RC4 grille, this new version features the same structural toughness and layered look. Its secondary frame adds detail and dimension. The new grille is unique, but the military-grade materials and customization options are a Royalty Core standard. All grilles give the customer an opportunity to personalize their custom-built grille through mesh size choices, color preference, stud and finish options, and more.

“The RC4X in the photo is a stud-free frame for a smooth and very clean look,” Kamp explains. “Whether your truck is new or a ‘new-to-you,’ this grille will make it personally yours while also adding functionality. Give us a call and we’ll help you design yours. Royalty Core designers work with our customers to ensure everyone gets exactly the grille they want.”

To learn more about the new RC4X performance truck grille from Royalty Core, visit https://www.royaltycore.com/c-182-grilles-rc4x.html.

About Royalty Core:

Founded in 2009, Royalty Core designs and hand builds all of their custom performance grilles, emblems, and headache racks. Based in Oregon, their grilles and other custom truck parts have been featured in dozens of industry magazines and on hundreds of award-winning SEMA builds. Royalty Core is committed to offering the highest quality grilles available. They use T304 stainless steel and top-of-the-line CNC machinery, tooling, TIG welding and powder coating for each build. Learn more: https://www.royaltycore.com/p-2-about-us.html

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