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New Travel Trailer Wrecked 20 Minutes After Buying It


New RV Camper Wrecked 20 Minutes After Buying It A couple from Washington state are pretty lucky right now after their new to them travel trailer ended up smashed to pieces on a local interstate.

Washington state Trooper Chelsea Hodgson said the couple had just bought the trailer 20 minutes prior in Poulsbo, Washington and were driving south on SR-3 in the center lane when the travel trailer began to sway. Troopers were told by the driver that she couldn’t regain control of the trailer and it flipped over in the left lane leaving behind a managed mess.

New RV Camper Wrecked 20 Minutes After Buying It Trooper Hodgson told KFDM news no one was hurt and the couple likely didn’t know how much they were towing.

“Unbeknownst to them, the trailer has pressure treated 2×6 boards underneath, making the trailer heavier than they believed,” Hodgson said.

New RV Camper Wrecked 20 Minutes After Buying It

Trailer sway is a serious concern when towing and many new pickups come with trailer sway controls to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

There is a lesson here for everyone: know how much you are going to tow before you tow. A quick stop at a local scale likely would have prevented this from happening.

Tim Esterdahl

Automotive Journalist Tim Esterdahl has been a lover of trucks and SUVs for years. He has covered the industry since 2011 and has pieces in many national magazines and newspapers. In his spare time, he is often found tinkering on his '62 C10 pickup, playing golf, going hunting and hanging out with his wife and kids in Nebraska.

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