Bull bars and Grille Guards, a staple of many pickups and over-the-road semi-trucks, are on the verge of becoming extinct. This is thanks to new and often mandatory safety equipment, questionable crash safety data, and new laws aimed at restricting their size and shape. Yet, they aren’t going away without controversy from owners who simply want to protect their investments.

Wyoming resident John Carey lives in a mostly rural part of the country. When he bought his new $50,000 2016 Ford F-150 XLT, he worried about protecting it, as most of us would.

“We have more hazards out here than just what’s on the road,” says Carey. “People hit deer, elk and loose cows all the time.”

As a result, Carey added a $989.99 Westin HDX bull bar to the front of his pickup truck. Yet, by adding this bull bar, Carey likely made his truck less safe in the event of a crash.

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