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What is the cheapest state to buy a used RV?

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Some people see buying a used RV as a way to save money, which makes complete sense in states with insane housing prices. Case in point: Ever seen the news piece about Google employees living in the parking lot

Regardless of whether you are loaded and looking for a gently used cruiser cabin or are merely trying to avoid a mortgage in something makeshift, you should consider one more thing: Which state is cheapest to buy a used RV.

This article will provide give you the top five states in which you can get the best deal on a used RV, taking into consideration annual taxes, fees and registration charges for each state.

Top states for buying a used RV

1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a popular RV state, which isn’t surprising since it’s so beautiful and has excellent camping and RV parks. Additionally, New Hampshire doesn’t tax RVs based on weight, so you don’t have to worry about extra maintenance or modification because the load capacity isn’t high enough. Even though the state doesn’t charge much for registration, it’s still important to remember there are fees attached to owning an RV, and those fees may still end up being more than your registration cost alone.

2. Wyoming

Lots of people buy new RVs in Wyoming because the tax on RVs here is less than $100 — and it’s just a great place to go camping. Plus, the state doesn’t require tags on your RV if it’s less than 3,500 pounds. There are zero registration fees in Wyoming as well. Just be sure to check out the state’s website to make sure other laws do not apply to the rig you have in mind.

3. Montana 

Montana is another great state with great RVs for camping, and purchasing one there can save you a ton of money. However, if you’re looking to buy a used RV there, you’ll have to register it either through the DMV or via the local city/county, depending on whether it’s subject to registration fees. Registration costs are around $60 per year, and annual taxes for the trailer itself tend to run about $200. Montana’s state-run RV website, where you can find free manuals and schematics for all forms of recreational vehicles.

4. Iowa

Iowa is full of opportunities when it comes to buying used RVs. It has a pretty good selection of campsites and RV parks in the state as well, so finding one that will fit your travel plans shouldn’t be difficult. The state has plenty of single sites and hookups for RVs, which can come in handy if you’re planning on staying in one spot for longer than a weekend or two. Most vehicles in Iowa are not subject to registration fees, so you don’t have to worry about paying them if you need help with your trailer.

5. Missouri 

Missouri also has a good selection of RV rentals and parks, so the world is your oyster in this state. The state is also known for its outdoor activities, with RV enthusiasts benefitting the greatest. Registration fees run about $100 a year, depending on the particular trailer you are hauling.

The bottom line 

So whether you are really into the RV lifestyle or are looking to upgrade your old rig and are searching online for catchphrases like “I accept cash for my junk RV today,” then it might be time to head out of state for that big purchase. 


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