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2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 vs Limited: Is the upgrade worth $12k?


In this long video, Publisher Tim Esterdahl and his friend compare their new Tundras. His friend has a 2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 and Esterdahl owns a Limited. They’ve each put a little more than 5,000 miles on their trucks, so they’ve had some time to get to know them. They share what they love about them in this video as well as the little things that bug them.

Yes, the Limited really is $12,000 more

Of course, this bump in price gets you things like heated-and-cooled power seats, a larger multimedia screen and nicer materials all around, but it seems like most of the additions are cosmetic. Things like color-matching mirrors and chrome accents don’t really add to your ride quality. But other things like the power-adjustable seats and nicer headlights do make a difference, as do power folding mirrors.

Esterdahl’s friend is obviously disappointed he didn’t get the power seats, and it seems like they are both unimpressed by the lack of seat-back pockets in the SR5 as well as the smaller fuel tank. But he only paid $45,700 for his truck, whereas Esterdahl paid more like $61k for a Limited.

Check out that bed length!

One of the things we dislike about modern pickup trucks is the beds seem to have shrunk to make more room for the cabs. Legroom is awesome, but a 6.5-foot bed feels really small when you’re trying to load lumber. The 8-foot bed on the 2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 in this video just looks enormous in comparison.

Grab a coffee and comfy seat for this 2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 and Limited comparison

This is one long video, but it’s full of good stuff and we know that anyone shopping for a Tundra will appreciate the information in this video.

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Erica Mueller

Erica Mueller is a Texan, which means she believes that trucks are family vehicles and giant SUVs make good second cars. As part-time auto journalist for almost a decade, Erica enjoys driving all kinds of vehicles and sharing her experiences with others. Erica is the secretary of the board for the Texas Auto Writers Association as well as a contributor at A Girls Guide to Cars.

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