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1947 Ford COE semi with classic car trailer, interview with the owners

1947 Ford COE Semi With Classic Car Trailer

Meet the owners of this gorgeous 1947 Ford COE Semi With Classic Car Trailer (Photo by Tim Esterdahl)

All I can say is, Wow! There is definitely a reason this 1947 Ford COE Semi with classic car trailer video is one of the top 20 videos on the Pickup Truck +SUV Talk YouTube channel. This is certainly not something you see every day.

What a treat!

At the 2018 Father’s Day Classic Auto Show in Nebraska, Publisher Tim Esterdahl was shocked to find this classic 1947 Ford COE rolling down the street loaded down with classic cars. With a Cummins diesel engine, 6-speed transmission and a custom-built trailer along with a fully restored cabin, it simply wows.

Esterdahl marched right over and got an interview with the owners, Juanita and Lee Barrera from Aurora, Colorado.

The wait pays off

Apparently, these cab-over semis are pretty rare. Lee says he really liked the 1942-47 models because they are the same style and come from the same time period as his classic cars. Finding anything from 1942-45 is hard because of the war. There are very few of the ’46 and ’47 models remaining so Lee had to look for a long time to get the truck he wanted.

We think it was worth the wait!

Restorations take time and talent

The owner ended up putting the cab on a newer F-450 frame for added strength. Lee explains why in the video, and he also talks about how he had to modify the frame to create this truck.

He couldn’t find the trailer style he wanted so after a lot of hunting around and still coming up empty he decided to build his own. He bought a small model so he would know what the old trailer would have looked like and he copied that design for his car hauler. He also custom manufactured several parts to repair the truck cab. But you’d never know to look at it. This beauty looks all original and the style of the trailer is so perfect for the semi and the cars they haul.

What would you think if something like this rolled down the street in your town?

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