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When you start to consider shipping your car, there are probably so many questions going through your head. Not to mention, the amount and type of car transport companies to choose from can make the process so difficult. Some people have a lot of cars; it is finding them with only one vehicle. Now, when it comes to moving to a new residence, transporting them can pose a very significant problem.

One of the best ways to eliminate this problem is by using a professional company to move cars for you. Therefore, it is always good checking for the car shipping company’s policy before agreeing to the contract. Here are the things you should look for before selecting the shipping company to move your vehicle. 

Look for the cost

Consider seeking for the shipping cost of the vehicles. You can either ask people about their car shipping experience with a given company and the cost of transportation or seeking quotations online. There is a lot of companies that  move vehicles interstate and that usually offer their quotations online; even if the actual cost of transportation, including insurance payment, is not be indicated, you will have an overview of what to expect in terms of the cost.

It would be best if you looked at comparing the cost of different companies; you will compare and go with a company that well fits your budget. You will also be able to budget for car transportation if this is done earlier. 

Seek for the shipping company proof insurance

The car shipping companies should always carry a valid insurance certificate and present it when asked to. You should always seek the company’s proof of insurance certifications; when they fail to provide the certification, you should consider looking for another company.

It would be best if you also considered asking questions related to their terms of the policy. Seek to know whether they cover any damage that occurs during the process of car shipping or not. If the car is wholly covered or just certain parts or if you will be required to pay a given amount if there is an occurrence of a situation. 

car shipping

The insurance and recovery plan

Everyone expects that all the auto shipping companies have an active license and carry insurance certification. To what extent their insurance is going to covers is usually determined by their policies. You need to check each company you are considering if they provide the primary or the secondary coverage and exactly what is covered under their policy. It would be best if you also asked whether or not you are expected to pay any amount in an occurrence of a situation. 

The service delivery

You need to look for the shipping company’s service delivery that you need to move vehicles interstate. Whether they will deliver your vehicle directly to your doorstep, or you will be required to pick up your car at their local depot. This difference can affect the overall cost of service. However, picking up your car at the local depot may be a less expensive service. You should find out if the company charges any fee for warehousing or storage if you cannot get there immediately to pick up your car at the delivery time. 


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