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It has been nearly two years since we have seen the King Ranch moniker on the Expedition. While the western themed luxury trim has kept itself busy in the F-Series pickup truck lineup for the moment, Ford knew that King Ranch equipped Expeditions always played a key role in the model’s success story, and it has listened to its customers by bringing this popular trim level back for the 2020 model year.

While Ford has not released any official photos of the Expedition King Ranch (thus forcing us to use images from its pickup brand mate) a peek at what’s offered on the F-Series (as well as a report from the website CarsDirect) does reveal some compelling clues on what is in store for SUV buyers. Like others of its kind, this chapter of the King Ranch will continue to maintain its Wild West theme, and will come equipped with bold King Ranch logos on all the Del Rio brown hued seats, as well as model exclusive scuff plates and floor mats to further drive home the point on what flavor of Expedition you are indeed driving. Look for 22-inch chrome wheels to also be a part of the package to help give the King Ranch an extra splash of bling to help enhance its already impressive side profile. Look for its trademark two-tone paint scheme to also make an appearance here too to serve as a unique link to the iconic ranch that it is based off of.

As for the rest of the King Ranch’s arsenal, the moniker has always been treated as a balance between the Limited and the range topping Platinum, so look for the King Ranch to build on the Limited’s basic motif, but not without outshining the Platinum with its own distinct touches. LED headlights, a panoramic sunroof, and electronic park assist technology are also included in the package as well as Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 software. Since the King Ranch has always been more of a trim package versus one that also tinkers with the performance hardware, look for the 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 and the familiar 10-speed automatic to carry over essentially unchanged.


As it stands now, the King Ranch is a $3,500 premium over the Limited model when it is equipped with a similar arsenal of equipment, which is great for customers that want to make a noticeable upgrade, but without taking the full plunge into Platinum territory. All-wheel drive can also be equipped to the package, which in turn helps raise the price slightly to $77,420. This bargain appeal does diminish slightly when viewed against the $81,505 Platinum MAX model, with the King Ranch being only $1,395 less than its range topping sibling. With the competition heating up, and customers demanding content rich offerings for their buying dollar, can the King Ranch still stand out from a crowded full-size SUV segment, and also succeed at being a compelling mid-tier option for Expedition buyers too? Only time will tell, but with the unique reputation that the King Ranch has rightfully earned over the years, we think it has a fighting chance at succeeding at doing both of those things.


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