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Ever wondered what would happen if the spunky but very functional 2019 Ford Ranger was allowed to venture into the dark side? For buyers that prefer a more sinister vibe to their Ranger ownership experience, Ford has delivered the answer with an all new apperance package.


Like similar packages on rivals like the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon, the Ranger’s apperance upgrades (dubbed the Ranger Black Apperance Package) are purely cosmetic, with many of the typical chrome bits being replaced with black accented ones. This includes the front grille, running boards, fender vent surround, and even the 18-inch gloss black wheels. The package can be equipped across the full Ranger color lineup, so expect a few colors (like Lighting Blue) to really have a bold dimension of style with this new package equipped.

The package is the third such apperance themed offering for the Ranger, and the company revealed that more than two-thirds of Ranger buyers are adding an apperance package to their Ranger purchase, with either the Sport Apperance package, or the more luxury oriented Chrome Apperance package. While the trio of packages are certainly a great way for younger buyers in particular to make their Ranger visually distinct, we are still waiting for the eventual apperance of the Ranger Raptor variant, which is currently limited to other parts of the globe, and would help Ford have an entry in a sub-category of the segment that is currently being dominated here in the U.S. by the Colorado ZR2 as well as the Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO.

“Like the rest of their gear, Ranger customers are choosing the option that best fits their adventures,” said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager. “Having the right gear matters and so does the right look. The Black Appearance Package adds aggressive style to the adventures our customers embark on.”

As for the Ranger Black Apperance Package (creative name eh?…) Buyers won’t have to pay an arm or a leg to obtain it, with only a small $1,995 admission charge needed to obtain a ticket to the dark side. The first production units will roll out to Ford showrooms this summer


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