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Western Star 47X truck complements vocational footprint


Western Star,  a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, has introduced a new truck to its lineup. With its shorter overall vehicle length, the 47X slots below the popular 49X and serves as a complement to that truck.

With a standard 111.6 inch BBC (bumper to back of cab), the 47X is well suited to regions or applications that require a shorter length, such as drywall trucks. Plus there’s an optional 110.8-inch BBC for vehicles such as mixers or super dumps that need to meet federal or local bridge law requirements. Then with the shorter hood and a wheel cut up to 50 degrees, the 47X is also more maneuverable for work on construction sites or in congested urban environments.

“With the 47X and the 49X, we can offer our vocational customers different options that will give them the right tool for their specific job needs,” said David Carson, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA). “The vocational segment is a broad segment, covering many different applications, and our Western Star X-Series reflects that reality. Whether their work be heavy-haul, logging and timber operations, or construction, we have the right Star for our customers.

Lighter weight means greater profitability

The Western Star 47X weighs nearly 200 pounds less than the 49X, which makes it ideal for mixers and bulk haulers.

According to Freightliner, the platform offers frame rails with best-in-class RBM (resisting bending moment) of up to 3.8 million inch-lbs. to last longer and return greater payload. A new 9.5-millimeter single channel rail option is available and features comparable strength as today’s 11-millimeter rail. Standard high-strength aluminum forward, rear and end-of-frame crossmembers further reduce mass, as does a new two-battery option.

Operator-centric cab

The X-series offers a win-win scenario as the steel-reinforced aluminum cab further reduces mass by up to 8% while offering greater driver comfort with 13% more space than competitors.

Plus you’ve got options. For example, a two-person bench seat is available as well as an in-cab battery box that gives more legroom to the operator. Additionally, a roof-mounted condenser offers maximum airflow through the radiator for stationary applications like construction and mining while keeping operators comfortable.

Since visibility is oh-so-important in a rig like this, the new Western Star 47X offers a significant improvement in that area. Its unique hood offers an industry-leading forward visibility of 24.8 feet – an 11-inch improvement over the 49X – while its composite construction and ISO Tech suspension system resists bending and cracking by absorbing and dissipating vibrations from road inputs.

Power Play

Powering the Western Star 47X is a Detroit DD13 Gen 5 engine, which features higher compression ratios and a new swirl piston design to further improve combustion and efficiency.

ThermoCoasting in the DD13 Gen 5 prevents aftertreatment cool-down during a driving regen to keep the system at its optimum temperature and significantly reduce the need for parked regens.

Additionally there’s a whole suite of safety features for the 47X including active brake assist, side guard assist, adaptive cruise control and more to keep operators, workers at the job site, pedestrians, and other motorists safe.

The bottom line on the Western Star 47X

In the Western Star 47X press release Carson summed up this new truck well with the following sentence: “With the addition of the 47X to the X-Series line-up, Western Star is offering fresh, modern trucks with purposeful technologies to enable all vocational customer’s success.”

We absolutely love that quote because this country’s skills and trades, including the truck drivers, are such important vocations that (literally) drive our economy.

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