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Best truck tool box ever? Decked Tool Box review


If you haven’t heard of Decked before, they’re the ones who make the cool truck bed inserts that have drawers for all your tools. Well, now they’ve decided to make a tool box, too — but with a special twist that just might make it the best truck tool box ever.

Full disclosure: Decked sent Publisher Tim Esterdahl this truck tool box to try out on his new Ford F-150 PowerBoost.

What’s it made of?

The Decked tool box is constructed of steel-reinforced injection-molded resin, which is basically a really tough polyethylene. It is extremely sturdy, secure, waterproof and lockable. Plus, it only weighs 113 pounds, which is great if you’re installing it yourself — or you’re worried about extra weight affecting your fuel economy or payload capacity.

Another plus to this box not being metal? It won’t ding, dent or rust.

Bonus! A tool box inside a tool box

This tool box comes with a custom-fit carry-size tool box inside. It mounts on small hangers, so it’s always in the same place and is super easy to grab and pull out. This is great for smaller tools you don’t want rolling around inside the big box.

What makes this the best truck tool box?

It has a foldable ladder that stores inside, then easily comes out. This makes accessing the tool box much easier for anyone who is vertically challenged like Esterdahl (cough). Really, though, we don’t know of anyone tall enough to reach the middle of the bottom of a truck bed tool box without climbing up into the bed of the truck.

Made in the USA

Need we say more?

Icing on the cake

This tool box sells for $874.99 on Decked.com. Or, you can get it for $699.99 without the ladder. You’ll get the small tool box either way.

Esterdahl’s F-150 hybrid is now a complete workshop with the Decked tool box, on-board power and workbench tailgate.

For more, check out Esterdahl’s full review of the Decked box in his video below.

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