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GM subscription fees: Mandatory $135 a month extra for OnStar?


Can you imagine paying a monthly fee to use the features built into your truck? Several companies are already experimenting with charging for “premium add-ons” and most automakers will likely follow suit. In this video Publisher Tim Esterdahl discusses the new GM subscription fees, but it is far from the only automaker who is starting to charge for features that used to come with the truck.

GM subscription fees could be up to $135/month

You read that right. For things like remote start, safety connect (OnStar) and other connected services GM is going to start charging customers. Why? Apparently, because customers are willing to pay it.

Other features we could be charged for in the future

This isn’t just speculation either. There are companies already charging subscription fees for software updates, onboard navigation, Apple Car Play, heated seats, remote unlocking, self-driving features, automatic high beams, wifi, stolen vehicle tracking, and more.

Talk about revenue for automakers

In this video, Esterdahl talks about the extra revenue manufacturers could make from these subscription services: $20-40 billion dollars per year are estimated. That’s no small profit.

Ridiculous? Or will it change the way vehicles are sold?

Right now, the average monthly payment for a car is $820 per month. That’s not including insurance or registration fees. The average starting price of a new car in 2021 was $45k, and the average starting price for a new truck in 2021 was $55k.

Will GM subscription fees and other car maker’s subscriptions change the way vehicles are made?

Perhaps we’ll see cars and trucks being built with all the up-level amenities, allowing customers to pick what they want to pay extra for, versus a multitude of trim levels and add ons paid for up front.

We’d love to hear what you think of all of this after you watch Esterdahl’s GM subscription fees video below!

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