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Wild 6-door GMC Sierra pushes the crew cab envelope


Ever wondered what would happen if you added two extra doors to a crew cab pickup? The answer would be this remarkable creation which transforms an ordinary GMC Sierra into a wild custom truck that brings six doors to your driving needs.

While it might look like a really good photoshop creation at first glance, this’s indeed a real truck which was created by the folks at Custom Automobiles By Trim (CABT.) First catching our attention via the folks at GMAuthority, CABT is an Oklahoma based company that specializes in stretching domestic pickup trucks into six door creations that are not only meant to haul large numbers of people, but can also tow a massive fifth wheel trailer if asked to do so.


The majority of CABT’s work is usually centered around Ford’s pickup lineup, but the company has recently expanded its prowess to include GM trucks, with this GMC Sierra Denali HD serving as the spearhead of this shift. The custom seen here started life as a third generation Sierra HD Denali, but CABT’s alterations have created a vehicle that now has six doors, eight passenger seats, and a 6 foot, nine-inch bed. Living large has never looked cooler, and the two extra doors actually do a commendable job of seamlessly blending into the truck’s overall profile.

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much information on what kind of performance hardware is under the hood of this custom rig. But the lack of Allison transmission badges on the sides of the hood vent seems to suggest that this particular GMC is powered by the 6.0 liter Vortec V8 versus the 6.6 liter Duramax diesel V8 that is typically associated with these trucks.

So how much does CABT charge to create a luxury laden stretched pickup with six doors? According to CABT’s own website, conversions on trucks from the 2017 model year and up start at $65,000 which does not include the donor truck, as well as the cost of any optional extras that buyers might add to their rigs. Some of these options include a Kelderman sourced air suspension, full length electric running boards, custom roof rack, bigger aftermarket wheels, and even a vault style gun safe. CABT has included a video that goes on a more in-depth tour of the tricked out GMC which can be seen below.



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