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How you can get your pickup truck delivered to your home


Right now, traveling is not a good idea with the widespread outbreak of COVID-19. One way that you can avoid that is by shipping your pickup truck rather than driving it yourself. With door-to-door car shipping, you can avoid leaving your front lawn while still getting your truck moved hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Coordinating your truck’s shipment with your preferred date of delivery

When you are going to ship your pickup truck, you need to figure out exactly when you need the truck delivered before you book your shipment. Once you do, you can call your preferred vehicle transport company and discuss your options in terms of your pickup and delivery windows.

When it comes to contacting the best and safest car delivery service, all you need to do is call Professional Car Carriers, ensuring your vehicle arrives at its destination securely and with top-notch professionalism.

Getting an exact date of pickup and delivery is not something that will happen with a reputable auto transport company. There are too many unpredictable variables when it comes to shipping a vehicle such as a truck. These factors include things like weather and traffic. So, instead, you will receive a “pickup window” and a “delivery window”.

What this means is that you will get a three or so day range, for both the pickup and delivery of your pickup truck. So, if you schedule your pickup date for a Wednesday, your pickup window will very likely be that Tuesday through Thursday. You or someone that you trust will need to be at the agreed upon location of pickup and delivery during those range of days. Whoever is waiting to hand-off or receive the truck must be at least eighteen years old and have their valid unexpired driver’s license with them.

How far ahead to schedule your pickup truck shipment

When it comes to getting your truck shipped, you want to make sure that you book and schedule the shipment far enough in advanced so that you get your first preference for pickup and delivery windows. Booking your shipment over a month in advanced is how you will be able to do this.

Car shipping is a supply and demand based business. So, if you choose to ship your truck during a busier time of the year, such as over the summer, there will be higher demand and less supply. Thus, you should consider booking even earlier. The earlier you book your car shipment during a busier season, the better. Either way, always do your best to book your truck shipment at least a month in advanced.

How you can easily get ready for your truck’s shipment

If it is your first time shipping your truck, you might not be aware that you will need to prepare for your shipment by first completing a few simple tasks. This includes cleaning the pickup truck, removing any personal items or effects and making sure that you have the right amount of gas for shipping.

The truck needs to be cleaned because your auto transport driver will need to perform an inspection for pre-existing damage. This is done for insurance purposes. If your truck is dirty, the inspection will still take place, it will just take much longer and is an unnecessary waste of time.

Taking personal items such as sunglasses or jewelry out of the pickup truck is necessary because these sorts of things do not get covered by the car shipping insurance if they get damaged or lost during shipping.

Finally, you should make sure that you only have about a quarter tank of gas in the truck. Preferably, you should have exactly that amount. This is because your pickup truck will need that amount in order for your auto carrier driver to be able to drive the truck on and off of the carrier. However, having more than a quarter tank of gas poses too much of a fire hazard.

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