Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Post-COVID auto shows must survive for consumers

While media have been attacking auto shows in recent years, saying they're dead, many have been wondering if COVID-19 is the final nail in...

Covid-19 strikes again! Ford Bronco delays continue

We’ve been seeing production delays throughout the automotive industry with factory shutdowns amid Covid-19 lockdowns in various states. And now, we’ve learned the highly...

Drive A Tank Reopens, ‘Crushes’ COVID-19 In First Official Act

The legendary Drive A Tank facility, the only venue in the nation where you can drive a tank and shoot military grade weapons has...

Ford Bronco Sport Production Delayed Two Months Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Ford's troubles with both the Ford Bronco and its smaller cousin the Bronco Sport have been a textbook example of how plans for launches...

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