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At Pickup Truck + SUV Talk, we cover the latest news from the automotive world centering around pickup trucks and SUVs. (Duh) In this section, we look for leaks on upcoming vehicles as well as pick apart announcements on current and upcoming models. You'll also find sketches, video teasers, pricing information and comparisons on similar vehicles. If there are modifications on current models, crazy derivations or retro build outs, we'll likely cover those here, too. We'll also report on truck sales, reliability ratings and any other hot topic that might rear its head on any given day.

How reliable are the 2020 heavy-duty trucks?

When it comes to doing work -- towing, hauling or otherwise being a truck -- the heavy-duty class of trucks gets the lion's share...
self-driving tech

Look, Ma! No hands. Self-driving tech in trucks today

Self-driving tech is coming. In fact, I’ll tell you it’s already here. Maybe it’s not the full-on, Level-5, leave-your-steering-wheel-at-home technology people think of when they...
Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept

Video: Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept with hot dog maker on board!

You want to see literally everything Mopar has to offer on the Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept plus a few cool mods? Yes, yes you...
toyota fuel pump recall

Toyota fuel pump recall grows to nearly 6M vehicles globally

The Toyota Motor Sales fuel pump recall was recently expanded to include 5.84 million vehicles globally with approximately 3.34 million vehicles in the U.S....
Overland-Ready Tacoma

Toyota reveals supercharged Overland-Ready Tacoma Concept

2020 has turned the world upside down, with virtual workspaces and family camping trips taking the place of in-person meetings and large-scale vacations. So,...

Genesis sneaks a peek at the GV70, its next SUV

I always thought it was weird Genesis launched its brand in 2016 with sedans when the world was trending toward SUVs. However, as we...
top 10 pickup trucks resale value

Buy these trucks! 2020 top 10 pickup truck resale values

The automotive researchers at have compiled another list* of the top 10 pickup truck resale values from the past 5 years. Why do we...

Smokin’ wires tracing no heat problem in 1962 Chevy C10 adds up

Driving an old pickup through the winter like my '62 Chevy C10 "Swede" is a game between keeping the wheels from spinning and not...
mopar doors-off kit

Problem solved! Mopar doors-off mirror kit for Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator

Not so fast Ford Bronco! The Mopar doors-off mirror kit for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator models will address one of the Bronco's competitive...
Top 10 SUVs resale value

Look at these SUVs first! 2020 top 10 SUV resale values

When shopping for a new family SUV, there are several factors to consider -- including SUV resale values. You don't want to be stuck...

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