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At Pickup Truck + SUV Talk, we cover the latest news from the automotive world centering around pickup trucks and SUVs. (Duh) In this section, we look for leaks on upcoming vehicles as well as pick apart announcements on current and upcoming models. You'll also find sketches, video teasers, pricing information and comparisons on similar vehicles. If there are modifications on current models, crazy derivations or retro build outs, we'll likely cover those here, too. We'll also report on truck sales, reliability ratings and any other hot topic that might rear its head on any given day.

Chevy releases full suite of updates for 2021 Silverado, trailer tech shines

When Chevrolet originally watered our palettes with news that the MultiPr...errrr we mean Multi-Flex tailgate was coming to the Silverado for the 2021 model...

Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme Brings Custom Design To The Street, Packs 455 Horsepower Engine

When one looks at the Chevrolet Colorado, many buyers might not suspect that the truck is underpowered, with the 3.6 liter V6 producing 308...
GM Lansing Plant

GM Invests $56M in Two Plants – Lansing, Romulus

Over the past two days, General Motors has made some big investments in two of its production facilities as it looks to the future...

2020 GMC Sierra HD Pricing Is Out – Denali Now $65k

The pricing is out for the new 2020 GMC Sierra HD trucks and while some prices have dropped, the new Denali starting price rose...

Ford F-150 Frunk Possibly Unveiled In Patent Application

Ford has big ambitions for its all electric F-150, and while we have not seen much about the upcoming model beyond its ability to...

Hyundai debuts 2022 Tucson, 5 things to know

When it comes to radical updates, few can top the bold transformation that Hyundai has managed to achieve with the 2022 Tucson. The current-generation...

Bizarre Ford F-250 Rewrites The Book On Chopped Look

The Ford F-250 is typically known for being a rugged and capable workhorse that is very good at getting the job done. But ask...

2020 Roush F-150 5.11 Tactical Edition Is Ready For Duty, For The Right Price

The trend towards military themed consumer goods has exploded over the past few years. Case in point is practically every Bell & Howell Tactical...
2017 Ford F-150 Raptor HP and Torque Numbers Officially Revealed - Whoa Buddy!

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor HP and Torque Numbers Officially Revealed – Whoa Buddy!

Amping up the excitement on its most popular off-road truck product, Ford announced today at the 2017 State Fair of Texas its new 2017...

Jeep Eager To Rain On Bronco’s Parade? Teases 392 Powered Wrangler

With the 2021 Bronco undergoing final preparations for its debut, it would seem fitting that the folks at Jeep are keen on raining on...

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