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With the amount of capability, technology, and power that the 2020 Silverado already brings to the table, it might seem surprising that there were folks that actually wanted more power from their Silverado purchase. Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) is eager to please, and has unveiled the most powerful iteration of the Silverado you can buy, the Yenko S/C Silverado.

First spotted by the folks at the publication Dupont Registry SVE has worked very closely with Chevrolet to help create a Silverado that has obviously been given an extra helping of protein and muscle milk at the gym. This close relationship with the brand allowed SVE to have first dibs on much of GM’s lineup in regards to projects (including models that have not been released yet.)

As for the Silverado, SVE claims that this creation benefits from some of the lessons that the firm learned in regards to prior supercharged engines used in both the Camaro and the GMC Syclone. The project first began a year ago, and engineers have equipped the truck with a hand built version of the familiar 6.2 liter V8 that has received forged internals, as well as CNC ported heads. These changes and countless others allow the V8 to make 800 horsepower and 720 lb-ft of torque. Of course, all of this muscle would make mince meat out of the stock transmission, so SVE paired the engine to an upgraded version of the 10-speed automatic transmission. The strengthened gearbox comes with its own clutch packs, as well as a custom torque converter.

Upgrades to the suspension helps sharpen the truck’s handling manners, while a custom exhaust system allows the engine to make full use of its vocal range when pushed hard. Buyers can choose from either two or four wheel drive, with massive Brembo brakes peeking out from behind the large 22-inch SVE designed wheels. SVE will offer custom colors for the Brembos, and up to three different finishes for the wheels which should please a wide range of styling tastes.


The SVE S/C Yenko Silverado can be ordered and serviced in all U.S. Chevrolet dealerships, but buyers will have to act quickly. SVE is only building 50 copies of the Yenko Silverado, with pricing being released closer to its official launch. As they say, you can never have too much of a good thing, and this Yenko badged Chevy is the latest example of this tried and true philosophy.    


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