Do you want a dusk trim pickup? Did you know Ford’s latest recall is going to cost more than $260 million? And how exactly do you pronounce the name of the new Range Rover Velar? All of that plus insight straight from the Texas Truck Rodeo!

Show Notes:

Tim Esterdahl on Twitter – @testerdahl

Jill Ciminillo on Twitter – @jillciminillo


  1. My 96 Ford Bronco is highly modified. I have swapped in F-350 axles, 460 motor, lower gears, lockers in both axles, soft lift springs, and 38” tires. When you do trails that have rocks the size of small cars, you need bigger tires to help you. When you have bigger tires, you then need a lift to fit the bigger tires and also bigger axles, otherwise you break axles and then your stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    Also a lot of people do, do it for the looks and never take it Offroad.


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