On this week’s podcast, the girl in the trunk and#cardujour automotive journalist Jill Ciminillo joins the program again as a special co-host. We talk about Ram Care – special concierge-like service for Ram truck owners in Texas, the new Lane Valet feature for Lexus vehicles and Toyota’s teaser photo of a new FT-4X concept vehicle ahead of the 2017 New York Auto Show. Next Jill brings in the serious side of things with a discussion on a large Ford Recall and a concerning uptick in pedestrian deaths (LOOK UP people!). Then, Roshelle Salinas, PR Director of the Houston Auto Show, previews the show starting next Wednesday April 5 with a slew of great attractions. Finally Jill and I discuss both the Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Highlander.

Links to Articles mentioned on the show:

Ram Care –

Lane Valet –

FT-4X Concept –

Ford Recall –

Pedestrian Deaths Increase –

Houston Auto Show –

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