On this week’s show, I talk about some conflicting survey data from J.D. Power and Vincentric, a new drone to keep an eye on and I interview John Thomas with Arconic. Finally, I wrap up the show talking about the 2017 Ford F-150 Platinum I just finished driving this week.


  1. Both the J.D. Power and Vincentric Truck Surveys have to be taken with a grain of salt. Both have their serious fallacies. All of the truck brands are far from ideal. But as a true truck, Tundra is king. There is no question the Tundra infotainment system, specifically for 2014 is a disaster. It is also true the current 2017 model year is significantly better, but still short of the mark. All automotive electronics is well short of the mark; consistent quality is not present in any brand. All the car companies are clueless as to how bad it really is. None of the brands have come up with any formula at all on fixing these problems for customers. Not a single car company.

    • Hey Randy! Nice to see you commenting. Sorry it took me a bit to approve your comment. I’ve been traveling.