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Who is this Tim guy?


11792069_997466323597236_2254990364405055794_oAutomotive Journalist Tim Esterdahl has been covering the industry since 2011. His work can be found online and in print in Truck Trend magazine and the Boston Globe among others. He has published thousands of stories and reviews on numerous outlets including, but not limited to, Pickuptrucks.com, Cars.com, TruckTrend.com, Tundraheadquarters.com and Tacomahq.com.

He has a degree in Journalism from Metro State University in Denver and is widely recognized for his truck and SUV knowledge.

His first truck was a brand new 2003 Chevy S-10 and he has also owned a 2013 Toyota Tundra as well as a really cool 1963 International C1200.

Tim is currently wrenching on a 1962 Chevy C10 given to him as a gift from his family. It is an old farm truck owned by his wife’s grandfather. After nearly 20 years sitting in a barn, he recently brought it back to life.

Besides his automotive journalism work, he also owns TE Creative Services a PR/Graphic/Web design company providing contract communications services to small businesses and nonprofits.

He is a married father of three and lives in Western Nebraska.

When he isn’t sitting behind his desk, Tim can often be found on the golf course.


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